10 were killed and 7 wounded in an armed battle between the families of “Sadia” and “Awamer” in Nagaa Hammadi


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The number of victims of the armed battle between two families in the village of Abu Hizam in the Naga Hammadi center rose to 10, and 7 others were wounded.

Major General Muhammad Abu al-Majd, director of security in Qena, had received a notification of an armed quarrel between the families of “Al-Saadiya” and “Al-Awamer” in the village of Abu Hizam in Nagaa Hammadi, and a microbus was shot.

The battle resulted in the death of: Huda S., 8 years old, Muhammad S., 22 years old, Hanan H., 20 years old, Youssef M., 15 years old, Adl H., 45 years old, Sami A., 43 years old, Fathi A., 30 years old, and Noor 65 years old. One year, two unidentified persons, and two injuries: Hadiya Sh, Jamal A, Sabreen A, Ayoub W, Thana M, Alaa A, and Najah M.

The bodies and the injured were transferred to Qena University Hospital and Nagaa Hammadi General Hospital, and security forces moved to the location of the incident, and a report was issued on the incident for the Public Prosecution to investigate.

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