21 decisions.. the Minister of Education announces the final controls and instructions for the high school exams


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Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, issued, on Wednesday, a periodical book No. 12 for the academic year 2020/2021 for all educational directorates in Cairo and the governorates regarding the controls and mechanisms of high school exams 2021.

The periodical clarified that within the framework of the keenness of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education on the interest of students applying to take the examination for the completion of the general secondary school certificate, the following was decided:

The high school exams will be held starting on Saturday, July 10, 2021, according to the announced schedules for each category.

– Examinations for students of the Scientific Division of Science and Sports are held on separate days from the days of the exams for students of the Literary Division.

– A different exam is held for each section in the common subjects that are added to the total (Arabic language – the first foreign language – the second foreign language).

– Students who received the tablet will receive a question brochure and a paper in addition to an answer sheet (Babel Sheet), in which the answer is obligatory.

– Students who did not receive the tablet device will receive a question brochure and an answer sheet (Bubble Sheet).

– It is necessary to emphasize the need for all students to write down their complete data, including (the exam session code on the question booklet and the answer sheet Babel Sheet), provided that the question booklet and the answer paper are delivered together at the end of each exam approved by the observers.

– Students must register the same exam session code written on the question book and on his tablet device, and on the Babylon Sheet answer sheet, and write a case record for the student in case of using a code contrary to what is written on his exam booklet

The observers depend on the correctness of the data recorded by the student in the space provided for that on the answer sheet (Babel Sheet).

The student’s choice of more than one alternative for one question loses the question’s score

– In the event that the student does not submit the question paper and the answer sheet to the Babel Sheet, a record of the incident is drawn up, and the student is considered to have failed in that subject even if he recorded the answers on the tablet.

– The student chooses the appropriate answer on the answer sheet on the Babylon Sheet and has to record the same answer on the optional tablet.

– If it is not possible to read the answer to a question on the Babel Sheet answer sheet with a scanner or by eye, the answer to the same question on the tablet is required.

Exams for subjects that are not added to the total (religious education – national education – economics and statistics) will be made available to all students of public and private schools and students of schools for the blind and subjects (religious education – national education) to students of outstanding schools, students of international schools and students of Nile schools on the official website of the ministry as of Saturday 3 July 2021.

As for the Arabic language for international school students and the French language for Nile School students, it will be made available after the performance of public and private school students according to the announced schedule.

– Schools collect the answer sheets for the subjects that are not added to the total and that were answered at home and hand them over to the relevant system and control committees to assess whether or not they have passed.

– The National Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation takes all the necessary procedures for preparing the high school exams.

– The National Examination Center assesses the answer on the Babel Chit electronically, as well as announcing the results of the high school diploma, taking into account all administrative and security measures that preserve the confidentiality of these actions.

The Vice President of the General Secondary Examinations to organize the work of the management committees and the system and control committees for the examination assumes the tasks and responsibilities of the management committees and the system and control committees.

The system and control committees prepare student seating numbers, call sheets and student signatures.

– Examination booklet distribution and collection centers collect the answer sheets (Babel Sheet) and question notebooks and hand them over to the competent system and control committee, provided that the system and control committees receive the absence forms, student signature statements, transcripts and all documents received from the committee, and the Babylon Sheet answer sheets are enveloped and sent to the assessment headquarters in the National Center For exams and educational evaluation, provided that they are returned in full after the results are announced to the system and control committees for preservation in accordance with the law.

The educational directorates are obligated to follow the precautionary measures and implement the instructions issued to them by the General Secretariat sector.

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