3 regions witnessing the highest temperature .. Meteorology announces the details of tomorrow’s weather


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expect Egyptian Meteorological Authority There will be a slight rise in temperatures in most parts tomorrow, Tuesday, and there will be wind activity in most parts.

It is expected that the lowest maximum temperature tomorrow will be 29 degrees in Matrouh, Baltim, Matrouh, Alexandria, Port Said and Rafah, while the highest temperature will be in Aswan, Luxor and Edfu, and it reaches 41 degrees.

Weather news tomorrow in Egypt, expected weather phenomena, and the state of the sea

Meteorologists expect very hot weather in southern Upper Egypt during the day, and hot in Greater Cairo, southern Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, North Sinai, and it will be mild on the northern coasts.

ويكون Tomorrow’s weather It is pleasant during the night hours on Greater Cairo, northern Upper Egypt, the northern coasts, and Lower Egypt, and it is moderate on southern Upper Egypt and southern Sinai.

The state of the Mediterranean Sea will be moderate, with a wave height between one and 1.5 meters and northwesterly winds, while the Red Sea will be moderate to turbulent, with a wave height between two and 2.5 meters and northwesterly winds.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast indicates that there will be intermittent wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, South Sinai, Lower Egypt and the south of the country.

The weather tomorrow .. high temperatures and winds in most parts of Egypt

Meteorologists expect the winds to be northeasterly over Cairo, while northwesterly over the rest of the republic.

Expected temperatures in Egypt tomorrow

The temperature reaches 33 degrees in Cairo for the highest compared to 20 degrees on Monday, and the lowest reaches 20 degrees.

And the temperature is in Alexandria Tomorrow to 29 degrees for the high and the low 18 degrees.

The temperature in Aswan is 41 degrees for the upper and the lower 25 degrees, and in Luxor is 41-24 degrees, and Edfu is 41-25 degrees.

The expected temperatures tomorrow in Damanhour will be 31-19, Tanta 20-33, Baltim 29-19, Shebin El-Kom 20-33 degrees.

Temperature forecast in Matrouh 17-29, Mansoura 20-33, Ismailia 19-34, Salloum 19-33, Damietta 19-28, Siwa 18-36 degrees.

The temperatures in Port Said are 20-29, Rafah 19-29, Arish 19-30, Zagazig 20-33, Suez 20-33, Sharm El-Sheikh 36-26, Hurghada 36-26 degrees.

The temperatures in Beni Suef are 20-33, Assiut 36-21, Fayoum 34-21, Minya 20-35, Sohag 38-22.

Meteorological forecasts in Abu Simbel 39-24, Qena 40-23, and New Valley 38-24 degrees.

The weather tomorrow .. high temperatures and winds in most parts of Egypt

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