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Camp released the song “Crowd of Days”, which brought together 4 singing stars, namely Hamid Al Shaeri, Hisham Abbas, Mostafa Qamar and Ihab Tawfik.

The lyrics of the song talk about the pressures of life and the need to accept it and try to be satisfied with the situation always. It is written by Sameh Al-Ajmi, composed by Ashraf Salem, arranged by Fasal Nadim Al-Shaeri, arranged by Ahmed El-Moji and the video directed by Yassin Hassan.

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Below we review 4 notes about the song.

last work

The song was written by the late poet Sami Al-Ajmi and composed by the late composer Ashraf Salem, both of whom were partners in the success of Al-Rubai’s journey; Hamid Al Shaeri, Hisham Abbas, Mostafa Qamar and Ihab Tawfik.

The song can be summarized as a meeting between 4 friends in memory of two friends, or a final message left by the departed to the four friends, whether in the words of Sameh Al-Ajmi, full of sorrow, or the melody of Ashraf Salem, which was not without sadness.

Presence despite absence

The quartet was keen on the appearance of Sameh Al-Ajmi and Ashraf Salem, and it seemed as if they were themselves in the video scenes, and at the end of the song we discover that the pictures that the four singers look at are their pictures with Sameh Al-Ajmi and Ashraf Salem and that the song was about them.

The poet Sameh Al-Ajmi in the song’s video

magic quartet
The presence of Hamid, Hisham, Mustafa and Ihab was not just a meeting of 4 friends to present a song about their lack of Sameh Al-Ajmi and Ashraf Salem, but a good artistic project, as each of them appeared distinctly and the quartet met on a technical point that makes the song suitable for each of them and their way of singing that the audience loved.

The level of the song is consistent with the dedication written by producer Yasser Al-Qasrawi at the beginning of the video, which is “To the History of Arabic Music”.

shock end
When you watch the song’s video for the first time, you can’t ignore the shock of the last minute, as the song was created by Sameh Al-Ajmi and Ashraf Salem in order to be executed after their death, and turn into a last memory that brings them together with their friends.

It is worth noting that Sameh Al-Ajmi died on March 11, 2020, as a result of a sudden heart attack, and less than 3 months later his friend and success partner Ashraf Salem died of a heart attack on June 4, 2020, and the song was released to coincide with the first anniversary of his death.

Composer Ashraf Salem in the song’s video

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