48 pounds annually.. Minister of Business Sector: I tried to reduce the participation of Mahalla spinning workers in the club, but I could not


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Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Business Sector, said that he seeks to increase business subscriptions to the Ghazl El Mahalla Social Club in order to obtain distinguished services and develop financial resources.

The Minister of Business Sector confirmed that he tried to reduce the subscription fees for the company’s employees, but was unable to reduce them due to legal obstacles, explaining that the subscription amounted to 48 pounds annually.

The minister added that the goal is for members to enjoy the club’s services and reach a segment of families and children who wish to play sports. It also aims to achieve a subscription rate of up to 10,000 within years, and to 5,000 membership in two years, as memberships will save money to spend on the club. The minister said: “We will not spend as a ministry or holding company on the club, and there will be funding from a bank.”

The previous statements came against the backdrop of the inauguration by the Minister of the Business Sector of the Ghazl El-Mahalla Club development project, during a press conference in the main stadium.

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