5 exciting details in Sassi file in Zamalek .. “a promise that was not fulfilled and a visa that hindered his return.”


Nothing is louder than the voice of the Tunisian file, Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of Zamalek, in Qalaat Mit Oqba in the recent period, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the details of the player not renewing his contract with Zamalek, in addition to the reasons for his late return to Cairo during the current period, despite his confirmation to his teammates on his return despite The end of his contract, which was officially notified by the club, with the Zamalek administration insisting that his contract expires at the end of the current season and not at the end of the elapsed month, as the player confirms, so we review all the circumstances in the player’s file in 5 points that explain his position in full.

A promise that was not fulfilled delays the renewal of “Sassi” for Zamalek

By asking a source close to Sassi about the reason for the player’s renewal of his contract during the era of the previous committee that was in charge of managing Zamalek, the source revealed that the player obtained a promise during the team’s trip to Tunisia in the face of Tunisian Esperance in the African Champions League, requiring him to obtain 500 thousand dollars from his overdue dues within 10 days. From the championship that Zamalek bid farewell to from the group stage, and this promise was not fulfilled, and that the player intended to renew his contract with the club if this promise was adhered to, and this matter was confirmed to Abdel Halim Ali, the former football director of the team.

Ferjani Sassi

Why does Sassi see that his contract with Zamalek has expired?

By asking the same source regarding the dispute over the date of the end of the contract between Sassi and Zamalek, where the player confirms that his contract expired at the end of the elapsed month, while the Zamalek administration confirms that his contract continues until the end of the current season, according to what is written in the contract between the two clubs, to clarify the source close to the player that he depends on that another His salary in Zamalek was on the 26th of last May, so he will resort to the International Football Association “FIFA” if the dispute with Zamalek continues in this matter, and he will issue a temporary international card to play with if he signs for a new club if the Egyptian Football Association refuses to send him the international card It also depends on that he did not receive his dues according to their dates as stated in the contract.

Visa blocking Sassi’s return to Cairo

Regarding the delay in Sassi’s return to Cairo in the current period, despite his assurance to his teammates that he will return after the end of the Tunisian team’s elapsed camp, the same source confirmed that the delay in the player’s return is due to his waiting for his agent, Muhannad Aoun, to obtain a Cairo entry visa so that he can accompany him on his trip to Egypt, so he may return to Cairo In the middle of next week, after completing these procedures, the player is studying that his return to Egypt will be one of the next Monday or Tuesday, and the matter will be decided during the current period.

Ferjani Sassi

Is Sassi signed to a new club?

Although it was confirmed that Sassi signed for a new club, especially with the various nominations that came for the player to join one of the Qatar clubs, especially Al Duhail and Al Rayyan, unlike the Iranian and Saudi offers, the same source confirmed that Sassi is considering making his final decision in the current period and did not sign for a new club in The last period, where he will finally determine his destination in the current period.

Is there a possibility for “Sassi” to continue in the Egyptian League?

By asking the same source about the possibility of Sassi joining an Egyptian club other than Zamalek, he confirmed that the player, in the friendly session that brought him together with one of the current Pyramids officials, assured him that he had no intention of playing the Egyptian league for a club other than Zamalek in order to preserve his relationship with the Mit Oqba Castle fans.


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