5 people injured in car crash in New Valley


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Today, Monday, 5 people from one family were injured in an angel car accident on the road between Bahariya and Farafra in the New Valley.

Major General Mohamed Tawfiq, Director of New Valley Security, received a notification from the Emergency Police Department that 5 people injured in a traffic accident had arrived at Farafra Central Hospital.
It was found that an angel’s car overturned in the 60 km area of ​​the Farafra Road – Al-Wahat Al Bahariya Road, injuring Hussein Abdel Rahim Muhammad, 43, Amira Ismail Mahmoud, 24, Muhammad Hussein Abdel Rahim, 13, Ruqayyah Hussein Abdel Rahim, 10, and Rawda Hussein Abdel Rahim, 6 years old. With light injuries, all of them are residents of the Dakhla Center.

They were transferred to Farafra Central Hospital, to receive treatment, and a report of the accident was issued, and the Public Prosecution office was notified to conduct investigations, and the effects of the accident are being raised and traffic flow restored.

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