7 males and 3 females .. a woman gives birth to 10 twins at once and breaks the record (photos)


South African woman gave birth to 10 twins, devastated world record Achieved by Malian woman Halima Cisse, who gave birth to nine children in Morocco in May.

According to South African local media, Ms. Josiama Sithole, 37, underwent a caesarean section to give birth to seven boys and three girls. This makes her the Guinness World Record holder for the most babies born to one woman at a time.

Reports also indicate that Sithole and her husband, Teboho Tsotsi, were expecting eight children. But it appears that two children missed the examination because they were tucked into the wrong tube. For a total of 10 twins in the end.

Wasted opportunity africanewsThe mother says: “I was shocked by my pregnancy. It was difficult at first. I was sick. It was hard for me. It’s still hard but I’m used to it now. I’m no longer in pain, but it’s still a little hard.”

“I was just praying to God that he would help me deliver all my children healthy and that he and my children would come out alive,” Sithole adds. I would be happy with that.”

Speaking to Pretoria News, Tsotitsi said, “My wife, Sithole, gave birth after 29 weeks of pregnancy. And that her pregnancy was normal because she was not receiving any fertility treatment.”

The father, who has six-year-old twins, said the birth took place late on Monday night, saying he was “happy and feels great love for his sons”.

In May, a Malian woman gave birth to 9 twins in Morocco, breaking the record set by an American woman, Nadia Slimane, who gave birth to eight children in 2009.

Reports suggest that only two other groups of nonuplets have been recorded since the 1970s, but the children all died within days.

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