7 sports news you can’t miss today


Today, Sunday, June 6, 2021 witnessed many important sports news, most notably, the Football Association sets 3 dates for the launch of the new league.. Get to know them, Al-Ahly closes the contract file with 4 players during the summer Mercato, Shawky Gharib sets July 16 as the date for traveling to Tokyo to participate in the Olympics .

“Al-Bahr” is the latest treatment method for Afsha in Al-Ahly, before facing the Tunisian Esperance

Ahmed Abu Abla, Al-Ahly club doctor, advised his player, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the Red Genie’s playmaker, that he should put his foot in salt water “the sea” for his speedy recovery from the injury to the inner ligament of the ankle, and Afsha had refused to travel outside Cairo, like the rest of his colleagues, to rest during the vacation they received. It must ensure his daily attendance at the club’s headquarters and finish the qualifying program assigned to him before the fateful match against the Tunisian Esperance, before he considers traveling to one of the coastal cities to implement the doctor’s advice..

The Football Association sets 3 dates for the start of the new league

Football Association officials have set more than one proposed date for the start of the league competition for the next season, in light of the ambiguity of the end date of the current league. Football Association officials explained that if the current league ends at the end of next August, the new league will start in mid-September.

Al-Ahly club officials closed the negotiation file with more than one local and foreign player whose names were put forward to the Red Castle during the last period, and among the players that Al-Ahly is no longer considering contracting with them, the Moroccan Sofiane Rahimi, the Moroccan Raja player, and the South African Kejan Dolly, whose contract with Al-Ahly club recently expired. French Montpellier.

Al-Ahly club officials are awaiting the arrival of an offer from a Turkish league club worth 750,000 dollars to include Senegalese Aliou Badji, the striker of the team loaned to the Turkish club Ankara, as a final sale.

Mohamed Mahmoud organizes Al-Ahly group training after the end of the rest
Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud returns to participate in his team’s group training after Al-Ahly’s return to resume group training starting next Thursday, after the end of the negative rest that the players received for 6 days, starting from Saturday until Wednesday, which was approved by the technical staff in order to give the players an opportunity to rest and catch Breathing after suffering from the pressure of matches throughout the last period.

Ivorian Serge Aka, midfielder for El Gouna, entered the technical accounts of the Egyptian football poles Al-Ahly and Zamalek during the recent period, after his brilliance with the El Gouna team this season, especially after aFerjani Sassi contract renewal In Zamalek, strong news was reported about his departure to a Qatari club, and the presence of more than one offer for Alio Diang, Al-Ahly’s midfielder, after his brilliance with the red team.


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