“7 years old, he never hit me with a pen.” The wife of the accused in the Sohag massacre


05:48 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

“If you knew the unseen, you would choose reality.” This saying circulated among people embodied the reality of “Kamila Shenouda,” the wife of “George Salama,” who is accused in the massacre of the village of Awlad Hamza in the center of Al-Asirat, south of Sohag, which took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, and claimed the lives of 5 Persons.

The accused’s wife and her three daughters left the marital home in the village of Awlad Jbara, affiliated to the Usayrat Center, yesterday evening, Saturday, to her father’s house in the village of Al-Shuhada, to go with one of her relatives to a doctor because she suffers from constant pain on her side, which made some members of her family say that if she had not come, she would have been killed.

The wife said in her interview with “Masrawy” that she has been married to the accused in the incident for 7 years, and she has three daughters from him, the eldest of whom is about 6 years old, and that throughout that period he did not abuse me with “the pen or his hand or anything at all,” adding that he If he had killed her and left his elderly parents, it would have been better, she said.

The accused’s wife added that she learned of the incident as soon as it occurred from the victims’ neighbors, who contacted her by phone, and who feared that the accused had assaulted and killed them, before he slaughtered his father, his mother and his sister’s two children and inflicted his sister, who was killed from her injuries, with stab wounds and separate injuries to the body.

Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Sohag Security Director, received a notification from the Rescue Operations Room that a young man had slaughtered 4 members of his family in the Al-Osairat Center.

By moving and examining, it was found that the so-called “George. S.” 27 years old, a laborer, attacked his 70-year-old father, his mother “Amal. N,” 65 years old, and his niece, the 6-month-old “Mina” child, “Enji” with a white weapon. “5 years, and his sister, “Marina,” 25, sustained severe, sporadic injuries to the body.

Investigations revealed that the accused committed his crime while the victims were sleeping, and that he did not leave the crime scene until he was arrested by the police forces, and that he is mentally ill and takes narcotics.

The bodies and the injured were taken to hospitals, a report was drawn up on the incident, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigations.

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