8 misconceptions about children’s mental health


Some mothers believe in many misconceptions about the psychological and mental health of children, which leads to significant negative effects on the child’s personality, as a result of the absence of a correct understanding of the problems he is exposed to, and the inability to provide assistance, and many children and adolescents who suffer from emotional problems are preferred. Hiding their pain, while others express their feelings in risky or abusive ways, due to fear of misunderstanding, and therefore the majority do not receive the necessary care. Al-Bawaba News highlights the wrong beliefs of parents about the mental health of children.
Misconceptions about children’s mental health:
1- A child with a psychological disorder will be harmed for life. Psychological disorder is not in any way an indication of the child’s ability to feel happy and satisfied in the future. If the problems he suffers are identified and treated, he has a good chance to control or overcome symptoms, and develop his personality in a way Well, the earlier the better.
2- The child’s psychological problems are caused by his weak personality, and it may be difficult to separate the symptoms of a child’s psychological disorder, such as impulsive behavior, aggression or extreme anxiety, from the child’s basic personality, as psychological disorder is a disease, just like diabetes, for example, and not a type of personality.
3- Children and adolescents cannot overcome the challenges they face on their own, so they need the help of parents to treat and overcome these crises.
4- Psychological disorders result from poor parenting. Although the child’s home environment and his relationship with his parents can exacerbate psychological disorder, this does not cause disturbance, and at the same time, parents play an important role in the recovery of their children from mental disorders by providing ways Support and care.
5- A child can manage mental disorder by force of will A mental disorder is not a mild anxiety or a bad mood, it is a major problem that can affect all areas of a child’s life, and children do not have the skills to manage mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety or ADHD activity, and they can even get past it with the help of the right treatment plans.
6- Mental and psychological health problems are easy to treat at any time Most mental health and psychological problems left untreated in childhood become more difficult in adulthood, since most mental disorders appear before the age of 14, during which age the child’s brain is more responsive change and treatment.
7- Treating children’s mental disorder is only by talking The treatment of childhood mental disorders does not depend only on talking with the child, but also programs based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focus on changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause serious problems, and research has shown that treatment is more successful In the first few years during which symptoms of a mental disorder appear.
8- The treatment of mental disorders in children does not depend on medicines. Many people who do not have experience believe that the treatment of mental disorders in childhood does not depend on medicines. However, mental diseases are like other diseases, meaning that their treatment requires the use of medicines.


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