8 new decisions from the Ministry of the Interior in the interest of citizens .. (get to know them)


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In recent days, the Ministry of Interior issued 8 decisions, all of which are in the interest of citizens, with the aim of facilitating the issuance of the national number card, family registration, birth certificates and other official documents.

The new decisions issued by the Ministry of Interior during the past month are:

1- The opening of large civil registry offices in 5 malls in the governorates of “Cairo” and “Giza”

2- Extending working hours in some civil registry offices until 9 pm.

3- Continuation of work in a large number of civil status records throughout the week, including Friday. Goodbye to the government’s routine.. The Ministry of Interior issues 8 new decisions to facilitate citizens

4- Sending external missions to humanitarian cases in hospitals to obtain the national ID card.

5- Sending missions to homes to obtain a passport for the elderly.

6- Establishing new headquarters in the technology and information sector in Abbasiya

7- A decision to write special records on Internet crimes in police departments in the governorates.

8- Issuance of a distinctive national ID card form at a price of 170 pounds, which enables its owner to receive it within 24 hours., in addition to its regular form, and its price is only 45 pounds.

The Ministry of Interior also launched a website with the aim of facilitating citizens to obtain the national number card from their place under specific conditions.

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