A Canadian man recovers from a chronic headache for 12 years thanks to the attempts of a neurologist.. Know the story


A 38-year-old Canadian man, Chris, suffered from severe headaches for more than 12 years, before recovering thanks to a neurologist who insisted on finding out the cause of his complex condition..

In 2008, Chris contracted a common virus from which recovery took three full months, and one of his symptoms remained, a persistent headache, as he revealed that he was suffering from sudden headaches whenever he stood or sat in bed or tried to bend over to perform certain tasks such as tying his shoes, sneezing or coughing. . The only comfortable position for him was to lie down with his head lower than the rest of his body.

a headache
a headache

Chris was sent to a neurologist who diagnosed him as a migraine and gave him medications but it didn’t make any difference, and the CT and MRI scans of his brain showed no tumor, and the neurologist couldn’t provide any solutions to his problem.

In early 2010, Chris was able to meet Dr. Christine Lai, after advice from a friend, who diagnosed the case as a low pressure headache caused by low cerebrospinal fluid, and this condition occurs when the brain loses the ability to float within the cerebrospinal fluid, which leads to the mucous membranes being pulled Surrounding him painfully, according to the site msn.

After further testing, Lai suspected Chris had a fluid leak somewhere in his spinal canal, and suggested he try different techniques to help relieve the pain, including meditation and acupuncture. In 2014, Lay sent her patient to Los Angeles for surgery to relieve his pain, and surgeons reduced the protective sheath in the lower part of Chris’ spine, which pushed more fluid into the brain, and this helped Chris get rid of the pain he suffered for many years.


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