“A cautious rise” .. gold prices in Egypt and globally this morning, Monday, June 28, 2021


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Witness The price of gold in Egypt, this morning, Monday, June 28, 2021, a slight increase, affected by the rise in trading prices, with the return of work in global stock exchanges after the weekend, and is affected by gold in Egypt Global prices in light of the low demand locally due to the state of fluctuation and instability that it witnessed during the last period.

Division announced gold In Egypt, the price of 24-carat gold, in goldsmiths without workmanship, on Monday morning, ranges between 889 pounds and 890 pounds, and 21-carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, 777 pounds and 779 pounds, and 18-carat gold is 666 pounds and 668 pounds, and the gold pound is at 6215 pounds and 6250 pounds. .

وشد world gold price, Monday morning, a slight rise also, with the stock exchanges returning to work after the weekend, amid fears of a repeat of last week’s losses, and affected global gold With the statements of US officials about the future of the economy, gold futures as well as in spot trading rose by 0.01%, and the index is heading towards a cautious rise, which warns of a new rise during the day.

وجل gold price The 21 carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, on Monday morning, 786.61 pounds, while the ounce recorded 1,783.79 dollars.

«Egyptian today» publish gold prices This morning, Monday, June 28, 2021, in the goldsmiths’ shops in Egypt, without workmanship.

UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 . caliber887 to 890
22 . caliber813 to 816
21 . caliber776 to 779
18 . caliber665 to 668
14 caliber517 to 520
12 . caliber443 to 446
ounce27,591 to 27,662
gold pound6,208 to 6,250
kilo886,857 to 889,143

Average gold prices In the financial markets in Egypt and globally, this morning, Monday, June 28, 2021

MUnitEgyptian PoundAmerican dollar
124 karat gold price898.98 EGP57.35 $
222 karat gold price824.06 EGP52.57 $
321 karat gold priceEGP 786.6150.18 $
418 karat gold price674.23 EGP43.01 $
514 karat gold price524.40 EGP33.45 $
612 karat gold price449.49 EGP28.68 $
710 karat gold price374.57 EGP23.90 $
8The price of the gold pound (weight 8 grams, 21 karat)6,292.85 EGP401.45 $
924 karat gold price per ounce27,961.37 EGP1،783.79 $
10The price of the gold ingot (weight 100 grams, 24 karat)89,897.88 EGP5،735.00 $
1124 karat gold price per kilo898,978.77 EGP57،350.02 $

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