A fire in the “protected crops” of the Ministry of Agriculture… and 6 cars trying to control the fire


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Six fire engines arrived to try to control the Ministry of Agriculture fire, which broke out in the protected cultivations headquarters of the Agricultural Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture next to the Agricultural Bank of Egypt and behind the bodies and companies building and the Agricultural Culture building.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Mustafa Al-Sayyad, the Deputy Minister, and the Ministry’s leaders went to the fire headquarters to inspect the work of extinguishing the fire.

The fire broke out in a number of dilapidated cars at the agricultural greenhouses headquarters at 8:30 pm today, and civil defense officials at the Ministry of Agriculture dealt with the fire, but it spread to the agricultural greenhouses, and the Giza Security Directorate fire trucks arrived to help control the fire.

Civil Defense vehicles succeeded in controlling the fire after flames and smoke rose above the area, which is located in the middle of many important buildings, including the Agricultural Bank, the Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine, the Egypt Agricultural Canal building, and the bodies and companies building.

Ministry of Agriculture fire
Ministry of Agriculture fire
Ministry of Agriculture fire

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