A “health disaster” knocks on the doors of Tunisia… Fears of the “red color”


announced Tunisian Ministry of HealthOn Wednesday evening, 6 cases of infection with the mutated Indian strain of the virus were detected Corona The newcomer, after a series of partial genetic cutting operations, according to well-informed sources from within the Scientific Committee to Confront Corona epidemic.

The committee stated that there are doubts about the existence of infections with the Brazilian strain of the virus, after a surge in HIV infections known to a number of people Governorates in Tunisia It even extended to infants.

Member of the Scientific Committee, Head of the Department of Functional Examinations and Cardiac Resuscitation, and Head of the Medical Committee of the Association Hospital, Sami El-Mourali, revealed in a statement to TAP, on Wednesday, the possibility of the presence of the Brazilian strain of the Corona virus in Tunisia.

He stressed that a team of experts at the Pasteur Institute and Charncol Hospital are currently working on completing genetic sequencing to detect all strains recently discovered in Tunisia.

Characterized Brazilian ancestry The Corona virus spreads quickly and has a wider impact on young age groups, which is what characterizes the recent days of recorded infections in a number of governorates, especially Kairouan in the center of the country, where 11 infants were infected with the virus and two of them died as a result of remnants.

The highest number of corona infections

And last Monday, Tunisia recorded the highest daily death toll from Corona, with 2,478 cases, bringing the total number of infections to 387,773, while the death rate due to the virus in the country since last April has not decreased from 60 cases per day.

As of Monday, June 21, the Ministry of Health had monitored the death of more than 14,000 citizens as a result of the virus Corona VirusThe Ministry confirms that this number represents only the reported cases.

Tunisia also records 32 percent of positive cases for the total analyzes performed daily to detect the virus, and the percentage rises to 60 percent in a number of governorates, in which a comprehensive quarantine was announced, namely Kairouan in the center of the country, Siliana and Beja northwest and Zaghouan, south of the capital.

In addition, the authorities focused on field hospitals to house Corona patients, as Health Minister Fawzi Mahdi announced during a press conference, Tuesday, the focus of a field hospital in the Beja governorate in the north of the country to support the efforts of the regional health authority in taking care of people infected with the Corona virus.

In the governorate of Zaghouan in the north, a number of vocational training and training institutions were transferred to field hospitals to accommodate Covid-19 patients due to the public hospital’s inability to accommodate them, while in Kairouan Concentrating a number of tents to be field hospitals that provide oxygen beds and provide medical care to those who deserve it.

In the capital, the governor of Tunisia, Chadli Boualak, warned, on Wednesday, that the epidemiological situation in the city is accurate, suggesting the possibility of taking exceptional measures to control episodes of infection with the virus.

The Corona virus has disrupted the economic and social life in the country, especially in the most affected governorates, as industrial units were closed, the establishment of markets was suspended, and the movement of the Golan was restricted in order to limit the episodes of infection with the virus.

This comes as the government faces great criticism for its failure to manage the health crisis in light of the slow vaccination process. On Wednesday, the head of the Parliament’s Health Committee, Al-Ayachi Zammal, demanded the deployment of joint patrols between the security and the army to impose a comprehensive quarantine, and parliamentarians called for declaring the affected provinces areas Closed military and harnessing private clinics to house Covid-19 patients.

Criticism also relates to the extent of the progress of vaccination campaigns in the country due to the inability of the Ministry of Health to provide the necessary vaccinations, as vaccination operations have so far included only 600,000 citizens out of a total of 5 million Tunisia intends to vaccinate before the end of this year.


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