A moral scandal hits the Brazilian national team before the Copa kicks off


Rogerio Capoclo is no longer interim president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, as he has been removed from office for 30 days.

The decision was issued shortly before the Ethics Committee, after Kabuclo was accused by one of the employees of sexual and moral harassment.

Ruggiero Capoclos defense replied that he did not commit any kind of harassment, and this will be proven in the investigation by the Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Football Confederation.

The oldest deputy, Antonio Carlos Nunes, will take over from Caboclo during the suspension, and a meeting between the directors and vice presidents has been called for Monday morning in Rio de Janeiro.

Under pressure from sponsors and other federation leaders, Capoclo will now take care of his defense and will leave his post at the moment of friction between the coaching staff and the Brazilian national team players over their stance on the Copa America.

The Brazilian newspaper Globo Sport confirmed that Capoclo had pledged to Jair Bolsorano, President of Brazil, to dismiss Tite from his position and appoint Renato Gaucho instead, after the match against Paraguay on Tuesday in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Tite and the Brazilian team players, led by Casemiro, had opposed the establishment of the Copa America in Brazil after Argentina and Ecuardo withdrew in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which prompted Capoclo to pledge to dismiss the coach from his position.


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