A mysterious silence from the family of Samir Ghanem after the picture of Dalal Abdel Aziz


Two days ago, a picture spread that was said to be of the Egyptian actress, Dalal_Abdul-Aziz, from the intensive care unit, but we lied the news and confirmed that it was a fabricated image that had nothing to do with Dalal, because no one could enter her room except for her two daughters, Donia and Emmy, in addition to Hassan_Al-Raddad and Rami_Radwan, and of course the medical team faithful to the health the nurse.

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The image is widely spread on the social media, and is widely circulated, in exchange for a mysterious silence from the patient’s family, especially from its spokesperson in the recent period, Hassan, who was lying all the news that were nothing but rumors about his mother-in-law, but today he stands silent, and the public will believe him more since he He is very close to the family and lives with them moment by moment.

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Hassan proved during the recent period that he is a strong and reliable man, and that he is a solid man in times of adversity, and Samir Ghanem did not err when describing him as the son who did not give birth to him.

And a medical source had said that the artist’s health condition had witnessed multiple positive developments in the past hours, and that the medical staff supervising her treatment, continued to follow her moment by moment, until she recovered.” This comes after the artist stayed in the hospital for more than a month, after she was infected with the Corona virus. With the keenness of her two daughters and their husbands to conceal the news of the death of artist Samir Ghanem, on the advice of her doctor, so as not to worsen her condition.

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The family of the deceased is tired of the successive rumors and before the death of its elder and supported by Samir Ghanem.. It is time for her to live her grief away from the media, the press, and human intrusion.

We wish Dalal a speedy recovery and to see her in her best condition and strength.

This is not Dalal Abdel Aziz
This is not Dalal Abdel Aziz


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