A new feature from Google to warn users if search results are unreliable


Media reports said that tech giant Google has begun testing a new feature to notify people when they search for a topic that may have unreliable results, and according to Vox, the move is a notable move by the world’s most popular search engine to give people more context about information. Urgent popular online but actively developing.

The new prompt warns users that the results they see change quickly, and reads, in part, “If this topic is new, it may sometimes take time to add results by trusted sources.” Google confirmed to Recode that it began testing the feature about a week ago. Currently, the company says the notification appears only in a small percentage of searches, which tend to develop trending topics.

Companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook often struggle to deal with the high volume of misinformation, conspiracy theories and unverified news that circulates online, and in the past, they have largely shied away from removing content in all but the most extreme cases, citing a commitment to free speech values. .

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 US election, some companies took unprecedented action by removing popular accounts that perpetuate misinformation, but the kind of posters that Google is rolling out – which simply warn users without blocking content – reflect a long-term, incremental approach to educating users about information. questionable or incomplete, the report said.


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