A rare photo from Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdel Aziz’s wedding – see their beauty in pictures


After the death of the great artistSamir Ghanem“And the passing of his artist wife.”Dalal Abdel Aziz“She is in a severe health crisis, after suffering fromCorona Virus The new, social media activists circulated rare photos from their engagement period and another from their wedding ceremony, and the rare photos received a great interaction from the public.

It is reported about the details of the love story of the most famous couple in the artistic community, that “Samir” married for the first time to a Somali girl who was very fond of him and attended all his plays, and despite his mother’s strong love for her, Samir separated from his wife after only one year of their marriage due to the different natures, cultures and customs between them.

More than 39 years ago, a beautiful love story began, but its details are somewhat strange between the late star Samir Ghanem AndDalal Abdel AzizHe saw it for the first time when his friend recommended it to him George Sidhom For his participation in the play “Hello, Doctor” in 1981.

Dalal said during her interview in Her Excellency Program With the great star, Esaad Younis, that she fell in love with Samir as soon as he saw him, confirming that he was doing things that would make any girl fall in love with him easily, and he would go out with her after the play was shown and buy her Phil, but after marriage he stopped this habit and he was saying to the jasmine seller, khalas, are we married

while he said Samir Ghanem During his meeting in Sahranin Program With the star Amir Karara: “Frankly, she was the one who loved me first and I did not think that I would get married.” Dalal continued to love Samir and ask him to marry, even though a large number of big stars bet her that she would not be able to marry him because he did not marry him, and he was among them. George Sidhom Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Mahmoud Morsi, Mahmoud El Meligy, and others.

But “Dalal” insisted on marrying “Samir” and the love story between them lasted 4 years until the great comedian agreed to complete the marriage. Dalal did all of that, even though Samir is 23 years older than her, but she was and still loves him madly, and Dalal gave birth to two daughters from Samir, Dunya. The wife of the famous journalist Ramy Radwan Amal, famously known as Amy, is the star’s wife Hassan Al-Raddad The two are now famous stars.

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And the star is gone Samir GhanemOn May 20, he was 84 years old, after he fell ill, as he suffered from impaired kidney function, and was subsequently transferred to intensive care in a Mohandessin hospital, and his health deteriorated in the past few days until he breathed his last there.

The artist’s family decided Samir GhanemHis body was buried in Al-Wafa and Al-Amal cemeteries in the Fifth Settlement, after Friday prayers.

And during the burial, brother made sure حرص Samir Ghanem To pray for him before entering the grave, in a scene that made everyone cry, and then spoke in media statements to reveal the scenes of the last days in the life of the late.

Where he said that his brother’s last wish while he was in the hospital was to go home again and sleep on his bed again, and he told his brother his intention to go for Hajj in case he overcomes the health crisis he was going through, but he did not survive.

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