A report exposes the “conspiracy” of Real Madrid stars against a great Italian coach


Weeks ago, I linked the news of the name Antonio ConteReal Madrid, especially since the former had left Italian Inter MilanAfter a great season, he won the Italian League title after an absence.

Although, on paper, Conte seemed like the perfect candidate to train Real MadridAfter the departure of the French Zinedine ZidaneHowever, he soon disappeared from the picture.

Then came the surprising news, with the signing of “Royal” with his former coach Carlo Ancelotti, beloved by the stars of the team.

The newspaper “Times” said that 10 of the Real Madrid stars went to the management of Real Madrid, and threatened to leave, in the event of signing with Conte.

The players revealed to the club’s president, Florentino Perez, through some of them knowing Conte, and through their colleagues in Inter Milan and the previous clubs trained by Antonio Conte, that his method of dealing with players does not suit them, and is not suitable for Real Madrid’s dressing room in the next stage.

The newspaper revealed that what Real Madrid players did towards Conte is not new to them, as 3 years ago in the summer of 2018, when Conte was also a candidate to coach the team, he was rejected by the senior players in the Royal Club.

It is noteworthy that Conte is known in the sports community, for his dry dealings with players, and his many disputes with departments, the last of which was with Inter Milan, and before that, Chelsea.


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