A Saudi driver miraculously documents his escape from a horrific accident (video)


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The pioneers of the micro-blogging site “Twitter” and the “Instagram” site traded from SaudiA video clip filmed by a Saudi driver documenting his miraculous escape from a horrific accident, stressing that the cause of the accident was his use of the mobile phone for 5 seconds, according to what he said in the video clip.

The video spread through many accounts on social media, which showed the owner of the clip, a citizen of Saudi ArabiaHe says, “This accident was caused by the fact that I raised the phone for only 5 seconds… I only lost attention for five seconds.”

According to the owner of the clip, the cause of the accident was a collision with a truck. As soon as the clip spread, many tweets commented on the danger of using a mobile phone while driving.

Saudi Arabia warns against using mobile phones while driving

Earlier, renewed Saudi TrafficWarn motorists not to use mobile phones while driving, as it is dangerous for them. He explained that using a mobile phone while driving is a real danger, resulting in a traffic accident, saying: Leave the mobile phone aside, because your life and the lives of others are more important than a call or a text message.

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