A slight decline .. the price of gold in Egypt and globally this morning, Monday, June 7, 2021


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Witness The price of gold in EgyptToday, Monday, June 7, 2021, a slight decrease in prices after the state of stability that has continued during the past two days, due to its impact on global prices, after the return of markets and stock exchanges to work on Monday morning.

Division announced gold In Egypt, the price of 24 carat gold, in goldsmiths without workmanship, this Monday morning, 925 pounds, the most prevalent 21 carat in Egypt, 809 pounds, and 18 carats, 693 pounds, and the gold pound “8 grams of 21 karat”, 6492 pounds .

As for world gold price It witnessed a noticeable decline immediately after the return of work on the global stock exchanges and markets, as the demand decreased at the beginning of transactions for the yellow metal in favor of the dollar and US Treasury bonds, which have an inverse relationship with gold, and gold declined in spot transactions and futures contracts, with a value ranging between 5 and 7 dollars.

وجل gold price 21 carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, this Monday morning, 832.71 pounds, and it was on Sunday evening, 834.81 pounds, while the ounce “ounce”, recorded 1,884.78 dollars, and it was on Sunday evening 1,891.24 dollars.

“Egyptian today” publish gold priceThis morning, Monday, June 7, 2021, in the goldsmiths shops in Egypt:

UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 . caliber922 to 925
22 . caliber845 to 848
21 . caliber807 to 809
18 . caliber692 to 693
14 caliber538 to 539
12 . caliber461 to 462
ounce28683 to 28754
gold pound6456 to 6472
kilo922286 to 92924571

Average gold prices In the financial markets in Egypt and globally, this morning, Monday, June 7, 2021

MUnitEgyptian PoundAmerican dollar
124 karat gold price951.67 EGP60.60 $
222 karat gold price872.36 EGP55.55 $
321 karat gold price832.71 EGP53.02 $
418 karat gold price713.75 EGP45.45 $
514 karat gold price555.14 EGP35.35 $
612 karat gold price475.83 EGP30.30 $
710 karat gold price396.53 EGP25.25 $
8The price of the gold pound (weight 8 grams, 21 karat)6,661.66 EGP424.18 $
924 karat gold price per ounce29,600.13 EGP1,884.78 $
10The price of the gold ingot (weight 100 grams, 24 karat)95,166.63 EGP6,059.72 $
1124 karat gold price per kilo951,666.28 EGP60,597.16 $

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