A source in Jabalia clarifies the fact that Egypt will host the African Nations 2021


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The decision of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to postpone the draw for the African Nations Championship, scheduled to start in Cameroon early next year, opened the door to speculation that the tournament would be transferred to another country that would be ready to host the big event in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus in most African countries.

According to a source in the Football Association, Egypt is among the countries most ready to host the football event, especially in light of the fact that it enjoys the confinement of the virus and the presence of infrastructure ready at any time to host the tournament.

He continued: The decision to bid to host the tournament is not currently in the hands of the Jabalia, but this file is responsible for several sectors such as tourism, youth, sports, military production and the Council of Ministers, but everyone is waiting for the last position of the State of Cameroon from hosting the tournament or an apology for it.

He said, “Every event has a discussion, and we will not discuss hosting the tournament at the present time until the position of Cameroon is determined.”


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