A strange creature causes panic in India: its face is pale and walks in the dark (details in the video)


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Social media users shared a video of a strange creature roaming a street in an Indian city, and the video spread like wildfire, and caused panic in India, which is currently facing a crisis due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and the disease that followed. black fungus And white and yellow, which made it the focus of the world’s attention in the recent period.

During the past hours, the phrase “strange creature in india» On search engines, by users who want to know the story of the creature that appeared in the state of Jharkhand, and a strange creature appeared in the circulating video, which seemed closer to an alien being, or a ghost.

As it appeared in the video, the strange creature appears in the form of very thin, pale white skin, and has long arms and feet, and was walking in the streets of Hazaribagh on the Chadwa Dam bridge in the dark, and appeared as if it was looking for something, according to what was reported in the newspaper “Daily Star”. ” British.

The duration of the video clip did not exceed 30 seconds, and some passersby appeared staring at the strange creature, while some people stopped their motorcycles to contemplate the creature that looks like a ghost.

The pioneers of social networking sites commented on the video, saying that it was an “alien” that was on a visit to Earth, while others described it as a “witch spirit” and thus attributed it to ancient myths, while some considered the video to be unreal, and that it was one of the representative scenes and was manipulated via a photoshop program.

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