A student to register rare items.. Zahi Hawass’s first statement about the marriage’s apartment


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Saturday 12 June 2021

Books – Masrawy:

The case of “Zamalek Apartment”, or what has become known in the media as “Ali Babas Cave”, continues to occupy a wide current of public opinion, since the controversy arose over it the past few days, after the Judgment Execution Department of the South Cairo Court found a quantity of jewelry, precious stones and antiques. In one of the apartments in the Zamalek area that covers the area of ​​the apartment, while entering the apartment to implement a court ruling.

The holdings include precious oil-painted paintings by international painters, antiques, dozens of medals and medals of various colors and sizes, dating back to the royal era, in addition to boxes inlaid with jewelry containing treasures, rare and precious artifacts, jugs and metal pieces on which the phrase “justice is the foundation of the king” and others painted with pictures of personalities. foreign, and pots inlaid with shiny lobes, and pieces of metal.

In this context, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptologist and former Minister of Antiquities, called on everyone who owns rare holdings and thinks that they are antiquities to address the ministry to form a committee to examine and register them, noting that the deadline set by the law has expired, but the Ministry of Antiquities can request to open them. again if deemed necessary.
Hawass said in exclusive statements to Masrawy: The law requires that a hundred years pass from the acquisition to be considered an antiquity, but another condition must be met, which is that the piece be unique and rare, and there may be a piece that has passed the legal period but is not suitable for registration as an antiquity, and therefore we return in This subject to the archaeological committees are determined.

Hawass added: When we issued the Antiquities Law in 2010, which was amended during the reign of Dr. Khaled Al-Anani after that, we said that whoever finds antiquities in his home, he must apply to the Ministry to register them and keep them with him, but he does not have the right to sell them or dispose of them, because Our history is not for sale, and heritage in all nations is not for sale. Therefore, I am still requesting for the second and third time anyone who suspects the antiquity of any piece he has to submit an application to the Ministry to register it, and the Ministry can extend the registration period again, if it sees that, and they were unique pieces worthy of Registration.

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