“Abu Al-Banat” Muhammad Anwar is blessed with his second daughter… He chose this name for her | news


The artist, Mohamed Anwar, gave birth to his second child, and his fans shared his joy.

Anwar posted on his Instagram account a picture in front of his wife and daughter’s room in the hospital, which he decorated with pink balloons.

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Anwar revealed the name he chose for his daughter, “Diala” and wrote: “Praise be to God, whose grace is done good deeds, and I remained the father of the girls. Our Lord has blessed me with (Diala Muhammad Anwar), O God, make her a good plant, make her the apple of an eye for us, protect her, and bless us with her, Lord of the Worlds.”

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Anwar’s latest work is the series “Affirmation Younis”, and the starring Sarah Salama, Hana Al-Shorbagy, Menna Arafa, Muhammad Ali Rizk and a number of guests of honor, including Amir Karara, Ahmed Fahmy, Abeer Sabri, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Mustafa Khater, Salah Abdullah, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, during the episodes Coming, the work directed by Moataz Al-Tuni.

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