Acting turned into reality.. Watch Menna Arafa tells the scenes of her acquaintance with her fiance


The artist, Menna Arafa, published a video clip on her personal Facebook page, in which she talks about the scenes of her acquaintance with her fiance Mahmoud and the details of the beginning of their love and the film that brought them together, which she revealed, saying that it is a horror movie called “3 Stats”, explaining that their relationship was within the framework of the work inside the filming site. It evolved with time and ended in a love story to announce their official engagement in public.

Menna Arafa

Menna said that her fiance Mahmoud plays the role of a person in love with her in the film, and he is also involved in the production of the film.

The various scenes in the film document the moments in which they met, starting with the love that brought them together after a period of commitment, and then the engagement at the end of the film, so the scenes of the movie “3 Women” are a true documentation of the love story of Menna Arafa and her fiance Mahmoud.

To watch the video click here

Menna said: “If I did something right, I would make sure that it was right with the people around us and they would bless us. Lord, you would be happy in this life. I said a lot.

She added: “I want to say thank you again, third and fourth. You are above my head, very happy with all this sweet energy and blessings from the heart. Hand over to me and deliver your prayers to me, and Mahmoud says thank you, and I also say thank you very much and wish you all.”


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