Actress Mayar El-Beblawi undergoes surgery after her health condition deteriorated – photo


Today, Sunday, the thirteenth of June, the name of the artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, was the trend of the famous search engine Google, after she underwent a serious surgery, after her health deteriorated.

Yesterday, Saturday, the artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, underwent a surgery, and the artist’s daughter, through her official and private account on the social networking site Facebook, published a picture of her mother from inside the operating room after she underwent the surgery, and commented: “Thank God, Mama came out of the operation immediately, and they assured you that I was close to her while she was.” Coming out of the process of de grace, thank you Lord.”

It is worth noting that the artist Mayar Al-Beblawy traveled to the United States of America in January of this year on a journey to treat and follow up her health condition, and before the time of her return to Egypt came, she felt very tired in her body and pain in her leg and was hospitalized as a result of this fatigue, and the specialist doctors explained Her that they are signs of a clot and must be booked inside the hospital.

However, the artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, decided to leave the hospital, and as soon as she was discharged, she felt very sick, and entered a complete coma and was admitted to intensive care for more than two weeks and installed a stent.

Now, the artist, Mayar El-Beblawi, is in the recovery stage, and as soon as her health condition improves properly, she will return to Egypt. The artist thanked the Egyptian ambassador and the Egyptian community in the United States of America for standing with her in her health crisis.


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