Actress Myriam Fares reveals the way her son died – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Lebanese actress, Myriam Fares, revealed the way her second son died, and her depression after his death.

According to a documentary film released by Myriam in cooperation with the “Netflix” platform, in which Myriam recounted the details of the death of her second son, and how it affected her.

And she said: “On the 7th of July 2017, it was confirmed that I was pregnant with my second child, and at that time I had health problems. who are going through the same circumstances.”

Fares indicated that from that moment on, she no longer had a goal and a dream, pointing out that she had stopped her personal and artistic projects and the songs she was preparing for.

Miriam confirmed that her son’s death broke her, saying: “What happened broke me, and my focus remained that I am the oldest of my family, and this thing took 4 years, they were difficult, and I hope that the day will come and reconcile with my situation.”

Myriam had announced the release of a documentary film entitled “The Journey”, which belongs to reality TV, to be shown on the “Netflix” platform, in which she tells her life in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and how the fact of the spread of the virus initially affected her day and her life path.



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