admit dangerous| Ramadan Sobhi regrets leaving Al-Ahly and Al-Khatib agreed to the player’s project –


Ramadan Sobhi, the wing of the Pyramids team, the Olympic team and the first, does not stop regretting his move to the heavenly team at the beginning of the current season, after “Al-Afiji” rejected an offer from the ranks of the Red Castle to buy his contract permanently once and for all from the English ranks of Huddersfield, and in the end the player decided Choosing to offer Pyramids for financial reasons.And the past hours witnessed a confession against Ramadan Sobhi regarding his deep regret for the step of his departure from the ranks of the Red Castle.

Mohamed Fadl, the former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian national team, said in televised statements, “Ramadan Sobhi very much wishes to return to Al-Ahly club again in the coming period.”

He added, “The Al-Ahly administration will strongly reject the return of Ramadan Sobhi again to the ranks of the Red Castle, because of the way he left the team.”

And the former contract manager at Al-Ahly Club revealed a surprise for the first time, saying, “When I was in the position of contract manager, I, with El Capitano Hossam Ghaly, presented Al-Ahly club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib, a proposal regarding Ramadan Sobhi.”

He continued, “We offered Bebo to deal with Ramadan Sobhi as a project for the Red Castle, by giving him the leadership badge despite his young age, in order to emphasize his capabilities and his role as a leader and son of the club, and the surprise is that the president of Al-Ahly agreed to this proposal at that time.”

And he continued, “Aruabarina, the current coach of the Pyramids team, is the first cause of the decline in Ramadan Sobhi’s level with the team during the recent period, despite his brilliance in the Red Castle shirt.”

He added, “It seems that Arruabarina does not know the possibility of the Pyramids players to replace the lackluster level that the team has shown since the beginning of the season.”

He added, “Pyramids needs to play with an outspoken striker like Mahmoud Wadi during the return leg in the semi-final against Moroccan Raja, and Abdullah Al-Saeed also needs more support and support in order to give his best in the matches.”

Mohamed Fadl talked about Al-Ahly’s upcoming confrontation with Tunisian club Esperance in the African Champions League semi-finals.

The former Red Castle striker said in his television statements, “Al-Ahly is much better than Tunisian Esperance, and it is the closest to reaching the final.”

He continued, “Tunisias Esperance does not have any solutions to threaten Al-Ahly’s goal, as the team appeared without fangs during the first leg, and I see that Hamdi Fathi distinguished greatly with Amr Al-Sulayya and Alio Diang in giving the Red Castle midfield the advantage during the meeting.”

And he added, “Esperance will try to kidnap a goal in the return leg, and I see that its most dangerous elements are Ben Ramadan and the Libyan professional Hamdo Al-Huni.”

He concluded, “I hope that the Kaizer Chever team will qualify for the final and overcome the obstacle of Moroccan Wydad, so that the opportunity is available and is somewhat easy to present the date of the final match in the African Champions League, for the benefit of the Olympic team.”


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