Afaf Mustafa: I am lazy and careless – in the video


The Egyptian actress indicatedAfaf MustafaUntil her daughter is an Egyptian actressYasmine RahmyThe love of acting took from her genes, and she had given birth to her during her participation in a play that was shown in Alexandria.
Afaf Mustafa stated on the “CitizenOn Al-Hadath channel today with the media, Sayed Ali: “Yasmine is in love with her job, and this is in the genes, because I was like that and I was pregnant in the ninth month in it, in a play Good night, my love. They told me to come down tomorrow and look like you will be born, either you will be born with us in Alexandria, I said I will not go down and be born in Cairo, and I traveled in Qatar in the morning at 6 after we finished the theater, and at night I found myself born, he is in the genes inside her.
She added: “Yasmine is very different from me. She is organized in her work, and loves and respects her work. She is devout in the niche of her work. Perhaps I am lazy and careless. Many strong factors help me to leave a mark in the middle, so I hope she does this.”


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