After 44 years, did you notice this mistake in the movie “Mouths and Rabbits”? | news


The movie “Mouths and Rabbits” is one of the signs of Egyptian cinema and one of the most important films that have achieved great success since its presentation in 1977 until now.

The film brings together art giants such as Faten Hamama, Mahmoud Yassin and Farid Shawqi, and although the film has achieved great success at the time of its release and so far after 44 years have passed, the film included some errors that may have made viewers lose the pleasure of watching.

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This error appears in one of the scenes that brings together Faten Hamama and Mahmoud Yassin after Hassan Mustafa expelled her from working on the farm. In this scene, Mahmoud Yassin was wearing a belt over his pants, but in the next shot as he returns her to work, we find that the belt has disappeared.

The events of the film revolve around “Naama” who lives with her older sister and her family consisting of her husband “Abdul-Majid” and their nine children. Al-Batawi married her with forged papers submitted by “Abdul-Majid”, to escalate the events.

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