After seizing his money.. How much does Mohamed Ramadan earn from his songs on “YouTube”


After seizing his money.. How much does Mohamed Ramadan earn from his songs on


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, sparked a great controversy after his announcement on Thursday of the Egyptian state’s reservation of his money, and his announcement as well that he kept the same value of this money inside his home, which made his audience wonder about the size of his wealth.

And in the context of the artist’s talk about the presence of some of his money in his home, many referred to another source of income for the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, that brings him money, which is his channel on the famous video site “YouTube”.

The Muhammad Ramadan channel bears its name in Arabic and English. It was established on October 31, 2014, and 513 videos have been published on it so far, followed by about 12.7 million people, with 4 billion and 14 million and 224 thousand views.

According to social blade, he did not mention the profits of Mohamed Ramadan’s channel, whether monthly or annual, unlike most celebrity channels, but the site determined on the hypothetical level that every thousand views earns between $ 0.25 to 4 US dollars, i.e. between 3.92 and 62.77 Egyptian pounds.

Although the specialist in the profits of private channels on the social networking site did not mention the monthly and annual profits of Muhammad Ramadan channel, he clarified the details of his daily profits, including the first 3 days in the month of June, which are as follows.

– June 1, 2021… he achieved between 477 dollars to 7.6 dollars, or between 7 thousand and 484 pounds to 119,000 pounds.

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– June 2, 2021.. The channel achieved between 688 and 11 thousand dollars, or between 10 thousand and 172 thousand pounds.

– June 3, 2021… She earned between $885 to $14.2, or between 14 thousand and 222,000 pounds.

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