After the controversy over the “Umm Nour” episode… What did Reham Saeed say about


11:55 PM

Wednesday 09 June 2021


During the past few days, the media, Reham Saeed, was criticized on social networking sites, after her episode that was shown on Al-Nahar channel, and the previous teaser promo on her page on the social networking site Facebook, in which she hosted the YouTuber “Umm Nour”, famous for the “Kofta” clips. In the bedroom”.

The media appeared in the promotional advertisement for the episode, as she spoke from inside Umm Nour’s room, saying: “Umm Nour is a case worker, and videos and dances of her blood are light, and she makes a sweet cake.”

And the pioneers of the social media expressed their dissatisfaction with this announcement and denounced its appearance on the screen, and some accused Reham Saeed of bankruptcy and failure to present a new media material on the screen.

And “Masrawy” publishes the most prominent of what Reham Saeed said about her paragraphs and her guests in Live for her, as soon as Al-Nahar TV announced that she had contracted again to present the Sabaya Al-Khair program as follows:

– Good girls will not change, they will provide the same services and will be of the same patriotism, but we will keep our minds from the bold and controversial issues and we will move away from this and offer everything that is useful.

– We want to become an enlightening program and every need comes at a time, and when our Lord wanted to bring us back, he remains certain for a reason, and the reason I consider it a satisfaction from God to benefit people in any way.

– We presented good episodes that benefited people, and other episodes that sparked controversy, and we will try to be useful, and as we were, we will remain an honest program that only says the word of truth, and we will build the country and present a strong and purposeful message.

The notification letter is a responsibility that must be presented honestly.

– We will achieve many achievements and services and provide the strongest rings.


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