After the incident of Menna Fadali, artists seek help from the Internet investigations


Face the artist Menna FadaliA number of criticisms were made by her fans and followers of the pioneers of social networking sites, after sharing a picture of her wearing a swimsuit, from inside the swimming pool, through her official account on the “Instagram” website.

And Menna Fadali posted a live video on Instagram, in which she confirmed that she was “against any transgressions against her.” And that the issue has gone too far, and she will follow the same steps as her fellow artists, by taking all legal measures against any infringement.”

And she announced, in a live broadcast on “Instagram”, that she would file complaints against everyone who insulted her image, to the Internet investigations. Expressing its dissatisfaction with the attack on artists, with inappropriate criticism.

She pointed out that she was subjected to “unkind and disrespectful words, so I resorted to the Internet investigations,” adding: “For everyone who follows me on my page… if I say your literature, I will lock you up, whether you are a man or six.”

She wasn’t the actress Menna Fadali, the first actress who turned to the Internet, in order to report some of her followers who abused her through their comments. Al-Masry Light reviews with you the most prominent artists who followed the same path.

After the incident of Menna Fadali, these artists seek help from the Internet investigations

Raniya Yousif

The actress has submitted Raniya YousifA report to the Internet Investigations against her harassers on the social networking site Twitter. She said that she had received many messages, containing indecent words, that she submitted to the security services. Emphasizing that she will continue to chase and expose all of her harassers by publishing their names and personal photos.

This comes, the pioneers of Twitter, during the past few hours, launched an offensive hashtag against her, after the photo she collected with the president of Barcelona, ​​​​where they circulated the image widely, accompanied by many negative comments attacking the artist, which made her publish a tweet attacking their description. harassed for abusing her.

Solomon Eid

The artist has been exposed Solomon Eid, for insulting one of his followers, via the “Instagram” website. Eid posted a selfie of him, through his account, and commented: “Good morning.” One of the followers commented on it: “I seek refuge in God from the creation of…”.

The artist replied to him, commenting: “I am not harassing you, because I am a respectable man. I took a screenshot of your page, and due to the lack of literature, it is the internet investigations that will respond to you.”

Sherif Mounir

As the artist presents Sherif Mounir For abuse, from some of his followers who are pioneers of social networking sites, after he published a picture of him that he gathered with his two daughters, Camelia and Farida. One of the followers made outward expressions to them, commenting on the photo. Which caused the artist Sherif Mounir to get angry, and expressed this, saying: “I made a screenshot for your comment. And Bakra Minutes in the Internet investigations. And if you kiss my boots, I will not forgive you. And Hsjnk and the days between us. I will teach you an example for all the scum And the life of your mother, to imprison you and your image will go downhill.”

Sherif Madkour

As announced by the media Sherif MadkourProsecuting a person who insulted him, through Facebook messages.

Madkour published a statement issued by his legal advisor, saying: “The respected journalist Sherif Madkour contacted me, and told me that the owner of this account had insulted and slandered him through Messenger messages.”

He added, “As the legal advisor to the media, Sherif Madkour, we immediately submitted a report and proceeded with the legal procedures towards the owner of this account, and because he will see this post, I would like to know that we have reached it.”

He continued, “It is expected that the nearest session will be scheduled to bring brother Adel to trial, which may lead to imprisonment and a fine, so that you, Adel, will not interfere with insulting respectable people.”

While Sherif Madkour commented on the statement, saying: “Unfortunately, I must do this because everyone keeps him in himself and respects himself.” Adding: “The fine is a sweet sum of twenty thousand pounds.”

Khamisi meeting

After she was subjected to bullying and criticism from some pioneers of social networking sites, the artist announced, on her official page on the “Facebook” website, that she had edited a report against a fan of Zamalek club. This is due to his increasing attacks on her. And it reached the point of cursing. This is against the background of her support for her husband, the player Mohamed Abdel Monsef – the current goalkeeper of the Wadi Degla team and the former Zamalek – after the Tigris tie with Al-Abyad.


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