Ahmed El-Fishawy and Mahmoud Hamida reveal the details of the movie “Ritsa” and the meaning of its name


The heroes of the movie “Ritsa” were guests on the program “Ritsa”.its show time“By the two journalists, Maha Al-Saghir and Dina Howaidaq, broadcast on the channel CbcAhmed El-Fishawy revealed behind the scenes of the work, saying: “I am playing the character of Malik Mansour, a novelist, and he is a star in his place. He writes a novel called Ritsa, which is the film, and he will be a narrator of this story, and Ritsa is the name of a fruit like a paddlefish and mussels are round, and when it breaks from the text, its atmosphere will be fruit It tastes sweet”.

Director Ahmed Yousry continued: “The film deals with two different time phases, namely the fifties and the 21st century. It is a romantic composition with simple needs of comedy. It is a commercial film. It enters a festival at the same time, and the end is happy and sad, so any actor or director is enthusiastic about it, because in all the elements that work Sweet story.

The artist Mahmoud Hamida added, a love story that originated in Alexandria between an Egyptian and an Italian, and we watch him while he is in the fifties and we watch when he is old and through a flashback about the relationship and its circumstances and how the eastern man thinks of the western female and how she thinks too, and is there a way to marry. .

And Ahmed El-Fishawy, about his cooperation with Mahmoud Hemida, said: “We are friends within 20 years and a strong friendship, and we always meet and talk on the phone, and I consider him my honest friend, and I am honored that I work with him and I learn from him very much in my life and in acting as well.” And Mahmoud Hamida added: “Ahmed El-Fishawy I consider him the son of Leah and always in mutual understanding, and he knows all the owners of his father, but I am the closest father to him, and I treat him in acting as a colleague because a very big actor.”

The movie “Ritsa” was written by Moataz Fatiha, produced by Ayman Youssef, directed by Ahmed Yousry, and co-starring Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Amir El-Masry, Caroline Azmy, Mai El-Gheity, Maryam El-Khasht, Nour Ihab and Aisha Ben Ahmed, and its events revolve around 3 different love stories, and each story has its own. A special character and running in parallel lines, but there is a link between them.


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