Ahmed El-Fishawy’s wife made the youth crazy with this video: Watch while you are silent


The artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, his followers, shared, through his official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange application, a new romantic photo of him with his wife, Nada Al-Kamel.

Al-Fishawi appeared with his wife, taking a selfie with her on the Nile, commenting: “Great love for my wife.”

Followers interacted with them in commenting on the romantic picture that brought them together, and among those comments, “May God keep you for each other.. God bless you for each other and happy for long life.. Habib my heart.. the sweetest Nadia and the sweetest fishwi. .

And Ahmed El-Fishawy’s wife had published a clip of the song “Ask some” by singer Amr Diab, and it sparked controversy through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Ahmed al-Fishawy’s wife wrote: “And the biography of love if you come… I stayed afraid and ran away from her,” attached a picture of her alone, and the audience interacted with the publication, with likes and comments, including: “Are you suffocating with al-Fishawy?” Some of the people who talk about parting,” “Your picture is sad,” and “The moon and a beauty queen, Nada.”

It is reported that Nada Al-Kamel said during the telephone interview: “I have never seen him completely controversial,” follow-up: “I used to see him and imagine with him this is a great need, because I am one of his fans, and his biggest fan before marriage.”

Ahmed al-Fishawy’s wife confirmed that there is no difference in her husband’s art and strong talent, despite the disagreement of some about his actions and opinions: “Ahmed Si El-Sayed is in the house… by putting salt in the bathtub, he puts his leg to get out the negative energy.”

And about criticizing her husband, Nada replied: “I feel pity for the people who criticize him, because they do not understand anything, and they want 50 years to remain like Ahmed.”

The artist’s wife concluded her statements: “Our life is very sweet, and I am living the best days of my life, and I don’t want anyone to come between us.”


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