Ahmed Hassan jokingly Elneny: Thank you for your determination and for as long as you break it, may God bless you


The Dean of the world players Ahmed Hassan and the star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek shared his fans and followers through his account on the “Instagram” website, photos with his friend, the star Mohamed El-Nani, the Arsenal player, sending him a message after his determination, during their summer vacation in El Gouna, and commented on the photos saying: Thank you, Nani, for your sweet determination this time, I promised and fulfilled.. May God honor you and grant you success with the national team and with Arsenal, and as long as you break it up, may God honor you more.”

Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan
Elneny and the brigadier
Elneny and the brigadier

Mohamed Elneny was keen to thank all the participants in the vote for his award for the season’s top scorer in the Gunners Club by 31%, as his followers and fans participated in a photo through his personal account on the Instagram website to celebrate the award..

“Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me,” Elneny wrote on the photo, and Elneny quickly garnered tens of thousands of congratulatory comments for this big award, which he won with a 31% rate.

Mohamed Elneny scored 3 goals in that season, including a very impressive goal against Dundalk in the European League, where the two teams met in the sixth round of the European Championship groups, where Arsenal won four goals for two goals, and Elneny scored the second goal.

Mohamed Elneny played 23 matches in the English Premier League, 17 of which he played, scored a goal, participated in 1553 minutes with his team, and received 3 yellow warnings..


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