Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki support their daughter Lily Li in her new project… Proud of you | news


The artist Ahmed Helmy and his wife, the artist Mona Zaki, supported their daughter Li Li in her new project.

And Helmy, through the short story feature on his Instagram account, posted pictures of him from an exhibition in which his daughter participated to display and sell the clothes she painted on.

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Helmy published pictures of his daughter and wrote, expressing his pride in her. He also joked about her in a picture in which he appeared to buy a “T-shirt” from her and wrote: “Not because her father made her make a discount, but because her father took the T-shirt for free.”

And in some pictures, the artist Mona Zaki appeared, supporting and supporting her daughter.



The duo Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki had kept their private lives and their children away from the media for many years.

But recently, their eldest daughter, “Li Li”, began appearing with them, whether at a party she attended with them, or even through her new job, which she uses her talent for drawing.

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