Ahmed Moussa gets excited on the air because of the Shooting Club area: “I am ashamed of you for your life, and for spending your time!”


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The journalist Ahmed Moussa got excited on the air when he talked about the crisis in the Shooting Club area in Alexandria, saying that “the state has taken a decision that no citizen resides in slums and black lives.”

He continued, during the presentation of the “On My Responsibility” program, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, directing his words to the people: “Why do you refuse to go to the best place, this sewage system, when it hits you?”.

He added, “The houses in these areas are not worthy of humanity, and large numbers of citizens are crowded into small houses,” adding: “An inhumane situation, our Lord will hold me accountable for it.”

And the journalist Ahmed Moussa added, “The people live in homes that are afraid to fall on them, and your life in the winter is torment, and the state has made places that you dreamed of.”

He continued, “All the current and former governors of Alexandria went to the people of the area and talked with them about development, which was admired by the people at the time. Your Indians are good tidings 3 and 5. We are your Indians, Matrouh?!”

He explained that the Egyptian citizen has dignity and humanity and a country that feels it and creates for him what suits him, adding: “The state does not bear for its children to live underground, but rather it gives them compensation and housing units owned.”

He stressed that “good tidings are 3 kilometers away and not in India, and you will not go to the world, following your current homes, and an Egyptian citizen will not be able to live in it. Have mercy on your country, your children and yourself.”

And the journalist Ahmed Moussa continued: “The country will change and there will not be a single slum areas after this year, according to President Sisi’s decision since 2014, when he announced his dissatisfaction with the residence of some citizens in inhuman slum areas.”

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