Akram Tawfik: Our ambition is Olympic gold


Akram Tawfik, a player for the Egyptian Olympic team and Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he and his colleagues aspire to reach the final match of the “Tokyo 2020” Olympic Games and achieve the gold medal.

Tawfik indicated in media statements that he does not see a difference between the Egyptian Olympic team and its competitors in the third group of the Olympics.

Egypt will play in Group C teams in the Tokyo Olympics, along with Argentina, Spain and Australia.

Tawfik said: “Our focus is great with the national team, everyone wants to prove himself in the Olympics, there are those who want to be professional abroad and the other wants to return to participate constantly with their club.”

He continued, “The atmosphere is great in our camp, and everyone is doing their best in training, and we are waiting for the fans’ calls.”

He added, “We have previously faced Brazil and won, and I see that there is no difference between him and Argentina. Our group includes great teams, but we will do our best to honor the Egyptian team.”

And he added: “There is no difference between us and any team with us in the group, 11 players will play against the same ones, no more. We will do our best and we will play in order to reach the final meeting in the Olympics.”

He concluded: “God willing, we will return with a medal from the Olympics. The bronze medal is not only our goal, but we want to reach the final and achieve gold.”


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