Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji .. A free channel to broadcast the match, and how does Musimani think about the formation?


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A crucial match for the club Al Ahly Today, against Tunisian Esperance, in the framework of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and one step separates the Red Genie from the Champions League final.

Al-Ahly and Esperance meet this evening at nine in the stadium Al Ahly And peace, and the first leg ended at Hammad Al-Ajrami Stadium with a clean goal for Al-Ahly, the record of its striker and top scorer, Muhammad Sharif.

The channels that transmit Al-Ahly and Esperance Tunis

It transmits channels beIN Sports HD 4, beIN Sports 1 HD Premium, beIN Sports Connect. In addition to a free channel that offers live broadcasts of the match.

A free channel that broadcasts the meeting

Fans can watch a match Al-Ahly and Tunisian Esperance On the Time Sport channel, via the terrestrial frequency, with internal arial tuning.

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The expected formation of Al-Ahly

South African coach Pitso Mosimane is expected to choose a squad consisting of

Mohamed El-Shennawy, goalkeeper

Defense Line – Akram Tawfik – Badr Banoon – Ayman Ashraf – Ali Maaloul

Diang – Amr Al-Sulayya – Mohamed Magdy Qafsha

(Hussein Al-Shahat) Salah Mohsen – Muhammad Sharif – Taher Muhammad Taher

Al-Ahly and Esperance match in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League at Rades Stadium – archive photo

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The mind of Pitso Mosimane.. How does the South African coach atone.

The South African coach is looking in this match for the tenth title of Al-Ahly club, and therefore with a positive and important result in Tunisia, the South African will not prefer adventure at all, and will start the match quietly in an attempt to kill the enthusiasm of the Tunisian team, while exploiting the spaces that the Esperance defense will leave, especially since Tunisian coach Chaabani will want compensation and there is nothing to cry about.

Mohamed Sherif scores the first goal for Al-Ahly club against Esperance – archive photo

The fixed balls have become very distinguished by Al-Ahly, and Musimani will try to take advantage of them, especially in light of the distinction of a number of players in them, and Al-Ahly benefited from them during the past matches.

Long balls In light of Al-Ahly’s possession of players who are distinguished by speed, such as Mohamed Sharif, Salah Mohsen, Taher Mohamed Taher or Hussein Al-Shahat and Ali Maaloul, Al-Ahly has a great opportunity, especially since Al-Sulayya and Qafsha are good with long balls to hit the opponent’s defense.


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