Al-Ahly Contracting Manager: What is being circulated about the marketing of foreign players is incorrect


Amir Tawfiq, Director of Contracts in Al-Ahly, confirmed that what some websites have discussed regarding the marketing of some foreign players registered in the ranks of the first team during the current period is completely false, and such matters were not addressed, whether from near or far, and that the talk about players To leave or others arriving prematurely, and it will not take place until the end of the season, as is the custom of Al-Ahly.

Tawfiq explained that it is not logical and the season is still extended for months to come for some to evaluate players and nominate them for exclusion and others to contract, and this is of course a technical matter in the first place and it is the responsibility of the technical staff in coordination with the Planning Committee, and under the supervision of the club president..

Amir Tawfiq expressed his astonishment at the circulation of this completely incorrect news before important matches for Al-Ahly, especially at the African level, as the team prepares in the coming days for the two home and return matches with Tunisian Esperance in the semi-final round of the African Champions League..

The Director of Contracts affirmed his full respect for all media outlets, but demanded that accuracy be investigated, especially since such news will only be intended to destabilize the team, which represents Egypt in the Champions League race that is nearing its end..


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