Al-Ahly discusses the departure of Marwan, Saad and Bwalya in the summer


The Football Planning Committee in Al-Ahly Club is discussing the fate of some players nominated to leave the Red Castle, led by Saad Samir, Marwan Mohsen and Walter Bwalya, because the team did not need their efforts in the last period.

This trio faces the specter of leaving the team next season due to the technical staff’s need for better alternatives in their positions, and the inclusion of more ready alternatives.

In this regard, the fate of Saad Samir’s continuation in Al-Ahly next season has become ambiguous, and there are demands calling for his departure because it is not feasible for him to remain in the ranks of the red team, and the possibility of dispensing with Saad Samir at the end of the current season has become great in light of the red team’s lack of need for his efforts due to his advanced age and abundance. His injuries, other than the presence of the best alternative in his position this season, and there are 6 defenders in the ranks of Al-Ahly other than Saad Samir, and all of them participate mainly such as Badr Bannon, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Rami Rabia, Mahmoud Metwally and Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, in contrast to the desire of the technical staff to return Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Maar to Smouha.

The matter is not much different for Marwan Mohsen, whose club’s planning committee headed by Mohsen Saleh welcomed his departure in light of the red team’s lack of need for its efforts in the next season, due to the failure to exploit the opportunities obtained by the player, and the Al-Ahly Planning Committee is waiting to discuss the official offers that will reach the club to purchase Marwan Mohsen’s services. Next summer, after he was put on the list of candidates to leave the Red Castle.

There are a large number of attackers in the ranks of Al-Ahly and it wants to get rid of some of them to make room for the return of some loaned players, as well as the new deals that the technical staff intends to conclude.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by Pitso Musimani, relies on the duo Mohamed Sharif and Salah Mohsen in the offensive line, while the duo Walter Bwalya and Marwan Mohsen sit on the bench after he failed to take advantage of the opportunities that were available to them, so the intention is to dispense with Marwan Mohsen and with him Walter Bwalya.

On the other hand, the Football Planning Committee of Al-Ahly Club intends to visit one of the football team’s training before the Red Genie travels to Tunisia to face Esperance in the African Championship, and the Al-Ahly football team is currently resting from training, and the training will resume tomorrow, Thursday, in preparation for facing Esperance in the Champions League, and from Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, and the Football Planning Committee, which is headed by Mohsen Saleh and includes in its membership Zakaria Nassef, is scheduled to visit one of Al-Ahly’s training before the Tunisia trip..

Al-Ahly set June 15 as a tentative date for traveling to Tunisia to play the Esperance match, which will be held on June 19, with the semi-finals of the African Champions League, while the return match will be held on June 26 in Cairo.


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