Al-Ahly prefers the foreign wing over the local one next summer


Al-Ahly club officials tend to sign a foreign wing rather than hiring a local player who plays in the wing’s position during the new relations that will be concluded by the officials of the Red Castle to support the ranks of Al-Ahly in the next season, given that the wing position is one of the centers that needs strengthening.

Despite the nomination of more than one local name to support Al-Jnah Center in Al-Ahly Like Ahmed Samir, the player of the pioneers of the army, the Red Castle officials focus on contracting a foreign wing, so that he is a player with special specifications and has high technical and physical capabilities.

The only exception to the local players that Al-Ahly intends to sign is Ibrahim Adel, the Pyramids wing, as the red administration wants to sign him alongside a foreign wing, but his club adheres to the player’s continuation.

If the Al-Ahly administration fails to sign a foreign wing, it will start searching for distinguished players in this center in the Egyptian League, in light of the desire of the technical staff to include a distinguished wing, with the decline in the level of more than one player such as Hussein Al-Shahat, Mahmoud Kahraba and Taher Muhammad.

Al-Ahly is interested in contracting with more than one foreign winger, such as Sofiane Rahimi, the Moroccan player of Raja, and Kidane Dolly, the former French player from Montpellier.


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