Al-Ahly star sends an influential message to Mortada Mansour (video)



Al-Ahly star sends an influential message to Mortada Mansour (video)

The former star of the Egyptian Al-Ahly club, Mahmoud Abu Al-Dahab, sent an influential message to Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek, whose council is suspended by a decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, through the “Fil Joule” program.

Mahmoud Abu Al-Dahab, during the program presented by the journalist Ahmed Jamal on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, commented on the image of Counselor Mortada Mansour, which appeared in front of him in the “Picture and Comment” paragraph, saying: “God helps you … he gave a lot to Zamalek and built a strong team, and he is a man Respected, and after his departure, a “farksha” occurred in the club, and the voices calling for his departure did not appear.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports had issued a decision on the twenty-ninth of November 2020 to suspend the elected Mortada Mansour council at the end of 2017, on the grounds of financial violations that were referred to the Public Prosecution, and to appoint a committee to manage the affairs of the flute until the Public Prosecution’s decision is issued or the council’s legal term expires, whichever comes first, to call for Holding the general assembly and holding new elections.

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Mortada Mansour's page closed on the website

After Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president, obtained a court ruling invalidating Zamalek’s internal regulation, the committee headed by Major General Imad Abdel Aziz submitted its resignation, and a new committee headed by Captain Hussein Labib was appointed to manage the affairs of the White Castle for a period of 5 months.

On October 4, the Egyptian Olympic Committee announced that the president of Zamalek Club, Mortada Mansour, was banned for four years from engaging in any sports activity, after several violations attributed to him were proven, and requested that elections be held to choose a replacement president for him.

At the time, the committee fined the former president of Zamalek with 100,000 Egyptian pounds, after investigating complaints submitted by several sports personalities, “all of whom are affected by the president of Zamalek club insulting, slandering and insulting them and the sports institutions they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he removed from their role.” athlete”.

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Ferjani Sassi sends a message

At the time, the committee considered that the violations of the President of Zamalek constituted “a blatant violation of the Egyptian and international constitution, laws and charters, which has become a basis for the destruction of sports values ​​and ideals and a waste of the lofty meanings that civilized nations expect from sports.”

Annulment of the Egyptian Olympic Committee’s decision to ban Mortada Mansour for 4 years

On May 30, the Administrative Court of Justice in Egypt decided to respond to the lawsuit filed by Mortada Mansour, in which he demanded the cancellation of the decision to suspend him issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

Source: Egyptian websites


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