Al-Labini and Mariotia Haram.. Drinking water was cut off from 17 areas in Giza


05:53 PM

Thursday 24 June 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Giza Governorate announced that the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company has cut off water from the areas of (Al-Zahra – Al-Munib – Al-Qasbaji – Ard Al-Bahr – Al-Umraniya Al-Gharbia – Talbieh (Haram) – Nazlat Al-Sisi – Al-Batran Street – Kafr Al-Manfiya – Kafr Al-Jabal – Al-Kom Al-Akhdar – Mariouteya (Haram) – Mishaal – Zaghloul Street – Al-Libini Street – Al-Orouba and its offshoots from Talbieh to Mariouteya), for a period of 10 hours, starting from 10 pm on Friday, 06/25/2021, until 8 am on Saturday, 06/26/2021.

The company attributed the reason for the interruption to the closure of water from the main line, the diameter of 1,200 mm, until the diversion of the water line, with a diameter of 400 mm, feeding the church area, as part of the works of the Al-Zumar Canal axis project, which requires reducing the level of the drinking water line 1,200 mm in diameter, located above Al-Zumar Canal in front of Al-Adawi Street. Salim; Due to a conflict with a 400 mm diameter water line.

For his part, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, stressed the president of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company of the need to adhere to the specified dates; To re-pump water to the affected areas as soon as the works are completed.

The governor also assigned the head of the Omrania neighborhood to be in the field and remove any obstacles until the work is completed.

The Giza Governorate called on citizens, owners of bakeries and hospitals to manage their needs during the interruption period, and the drinking water company will provide cars loaded with clean drinking water; To move in the affected places, and for emergencies, call the hotline 125; to meet their needs immediately.

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