Al-Nasr Motors: The electric car will be manufactured in the second half of 2022


Engineer Hany El-Khouly, Managing Director of El-Nasr Automotive Company, said that the parts for the electric car that will be manufactured in Egypt came to Egypt during the last period, and were obtained from the Chinese company, explaining that El-Nasr Automotive Company is in the testing phase for those cars before they are manufactured, and that the completion of manufacturing the first An electric car in the second half of 2022.

The managing director of Al-Nasr Automotive Company added, in statements to the “A Last Word” program, which is broadcast on the . channel onAnd presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, that there is a Chinese delegation that will arrive in Egypt next week to follow up the tests that are carried out on the parts that arrived from the car from the Chinese company, explaining that the goal of these tests is its ability to walk in the Egyptian atmosphere and the extent to which the car is fully compatible with the Egyptian climate, whether the consumer or quality.

And the managing director of El Nasr Automobiles continued: We assure everyone that the car was chosen correctly and conforms to the needs of the Egyptian market, and if something happens and this is possible, the specifications of the car will be rethought to match the specifications, and we have come a long way with the Chinese company and we have reached certain agreements and contracts, and the Egyptian manufacture of the car It will be 55 to 58%, and the size of the car is medium and not small, and the electric battery is more expensive than the normal car battery, and the economics of operating an electric car is much cheaper than operating a car with gasoline.


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