“Al-Sharqiya Tobacco”: a new increase in the prices of imported cigarettes and


12:48 AM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Hassan Morsi:

Hani Aman, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Tobacco Company, said that the new increase in cigarette prices amounts to 50 piasters on all cigarette packs, whether imported or local, explaining that 25 piasters go to health insurance in accordance with the law in force for 3 years.

Aman added, in a telephone interview with the journalist Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” satellite channel, on Saturday evening, that the decision to increase cigarette prices is not new, as the health insurance law that was issued 3 years ago stipulated an increase of 75 piasters at the time. Then, an increase of 25 piasters is applied every 3 years until it reaches 1.5 pounds, and this value goes to financing the comprehensive health insurance system.

He explained that the other 25 piasters applied this time follow the value-added tax, and the increase will be applied to all types of cigarettes on the first of July, in addition to an increase in the prices of “hookah honey”, because the comprehensive health insurance tax applies to all types of smoke.

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